Initial Assessment

This is a fact finding session where the child’s questionnaire is discussed to decide if assessment and treatment would be helpful. This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss your child’s problems. The process would normally take 1 hour.

Diagnostic Assessment of Neuro Developmental Delay

If a Neuro Developmental Assessment has been suggested at the initial consult this process will take 2 hours. During this time extensive tests are carried out on:

Gross and fine muscle coordination
Motor development
Presence of reflexes
Occulor-motor functioning
Visual perception ability
Visual motor integration

At this assessment parents need to be present and at the end the results are correlated and a home program designed. The home program consists of a series of Reflex Stimulation and Inhibition Movements to perform each day at home. The movements have been designed by the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester. The brain develops through movement so these carefully chosen exercises are formulated to correct the reflexes. As a result the nervous system is stimulated and maturation in the physical development of the child is clearly seen. This in turn gives them the equipment needed to succeed in an educational setting. This program should take 10 to 12 months to complete.

If the Reflex Program when examined is only marginally abnormal, teaching strategies alone will usually be sufficient. For those with a moderate degree of reflex abnormality they may benefit from a Reflex Inhibition Program. If however a large cluster of reflexes are detected, a Reflex Program together with a Chiropractic Treatment and other therapies like a Detox and Gut Repair Program may be more effective.

For those undergoing the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation, hearing thresholds and auditory processing tests may be carried out at this stage. The sound therapy is very important for those children with auditory processing difficulties, dyslexic children, delayed speech or difficulties with phonics and spelling.


The home program is reviewed every 2 months and then ammended according to the child’s progress. The review takes about 45 minutes with the Program taking any where from 9 months to 12 months or 18 months in extreme cases.

For those undertaking the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation an auditory test will also be carried out at these reviews and the next CD will be customised according to results. Treatment for Johansen Sound takes 9 months to complete.


Individually Tailored Neuro Developmental Delay Intervention Program

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment of Neuro Developmental Delay
  • Primitive Reflex Inhibition Program (INPP)
  • Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (Sound Therapy)
  • Special Needs Tutoring (Dyslexia Specialist)
  • Learning Anxiety Counselling
  • Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation
  • Gut Repair Therapy
  • Lacto Fermentation Classes (Body Ecology Diet)