In October 2014 my son previously diagnosed Autistic seemed to be regressing badly.
His anxiety was getting worse and his behaviour was becoming unmanageable.
I saw Leanne and within 5 days of being on her ‘potions’ his anxiety had decreased by half and school had seen a change in his behaviour as he had calmed down and his ability to concentrate had improved.
He has been seeing Leanne steadily for 12 months and I can now take him out in public without the first thought being “what is going to set him off”.
He has progressed really well at school and isn’t as far behind as he had been.
He plays competition tennis, goes camping and participates in family life.
His appetite has increased and since being under Leanne’s care he has put on 6kg and even attempting new food.
Thankyou Leanne for giving me back my son, and a new and improved version as well.

Carolyn KempReduced Anxiety

My experience with Braintree has opened my eyes and hope for my son.
There’s so much to know about the brain and with each stage to the program I have seen marked improvements in my sons aspergers; his anxiety is down, he has become more flexible in new situations and even raising his hand in class to contribute.
That’s a milestone for my son.
I highly recommend. I am still in the program and am looking forward to witnessing more little miracles – advances and growth.

SheraleeLittle Miracles

For the last 12 years, we have been in search for answers.
We have seen doctors, specialists, tried remedies, protocols, every fad diets and so forth, spending lots of money only to be relieved short term and only dealing with the symptoms externally, but never curing the underlying problems.
My son diagnosed with anaphylactic allergies, asthma, eczema, high anxiety, fear and stress disorder, perfectionism and mild dyslexia was only getting worse as he grew.
Thankfully, we were referred to Leanne and so far she is great and the program has been fantastic! He is progressing through the program slowly, he has done a heavy metals detox already, which has showed a great improvement especially in his anxiety and mood and boosted his self worth.
We understand it is a process that takes time and there is a fair way to go, however, for the first time we have hope, it’s no quick fix, we highly recommend the program and we look forward to the growth he will continue to achieve.

Jennifer for 12 year old sonFor the First Time We Have Hope

Our daughter was diagnosed with severe language disorder when she was 6 years old.
Her first clear word was at 3 ½ years old. She used to throw terrible tantrums, clingy, cried all the time, moody.
As she grew she only got more emotional, easily irritated and frustrated, communication was difficult.
She found it very hard to express so making friends was non existent, she was not succeeding in school, they actually put her back a grade from 2 to 1 because her basic understanding was very poor so her confidence was very low.
She had been doing speech therapy and private tuition only for her to regress.
Starting her on Leanne's program has done her wonders!
She is now 7 years old and can sing a full short song with clear diction (massive improvement). Even her teachers have noticed a huge change in 1 term.
She is expressing herself through creative art and was awarded the year 1 creative art award, she is great at sport achieving year 1 athletic champion and her grades have improved, achieving Bs and Cs overall!
We are so excited for her to see how much more potential she can achieve as she progresses through Leanne's program.
Thank you Leanne

Kenneth and Jennifer parents of 7 year old ReneeThank You Leanne

To say the last 14 years of Tommy's life has been extremely difficult would be an understatement.
Born in 2001, Tommy was a happy baby right through until he started 3 year old kinder.
Tommy had terrible tantrums that were very emotional and physically aggressive.
By prep year, his behaviour was escalating with violent outbursts that by Grade 1, recommended for assessment, he was diagnosed by a paediatrician with auditory processing disorder, ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), dyslexia and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which only got worse as time went on, when he was 5 years old, he climbed up on the roof to try and fly.
At grade 2 (8 years old), he was prescribed retilin and catapres to help him sleep in the evenings however, the aggression, physical and verbal violence increased.
My son became suicidal, hospitalised, highly medicated, unaffectionate and our family was filled with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair.
We met Leanne when Tommy was 10 years old and although the program was challenging in terms of food, managing minerals, movement therapy, sound therapy, it gave us hope and saved not only Tommy's life but all of our family.
You must press on and be consistent with the program because in the end it is all worth it!! Tommy was Leanne's first client to get off retilin, his behaviour settled down, his grades improved, the transformation that took place in Tommy was like I had a different son.
Tommy is now 14 years old and has finished Leanne's program, it took us 3 years to get through the program.
He is doing well and channeling his fascination with guns in army cadets where he is learning discipline and growing in himself and confidence.
I am always open and honest about Tommy's story, sharing it with everyone I meet, I highly recommend the program, it will give hope and support in place of what can be a very challenging, difficult, lonely road.

Louise Scherfer – Tommy 14 years oldI highly recommend the program