Leanne Girotto – Founder of Brain Tree Learning Solutions

Holistic Neuro Developmental Nutritionist

Qualifications:   B.Sc (EnvHealth) at Swinburne University, G.Cert (HumanNutr) Deakin University, Cert (Primitive Reflexes) Institution of Neuro-Physiological Psychology

Leanne founded Brain Tree Learning Solutions in 2011 and has been helping children with learning difficulties since 2008. Leanne graduated from University in 1993 with a Bachelor Degree of Science. Leanne worked for Local Government for 6 years as an Illness Prevention Program Leader within the Council Health Department. After having three beautiful children Leanne completed further studies in Nutrition, Primitive Reflexes, Sound Therapy, Gut Ecology and Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy. The interest in helping children with learning difficulties was sparked when her children had their their own learning difficulties. In the process of overcoming these problems, Brain Tree Learning Solutions was established.

Leanne’s work is not a job but a passion. She is now a qualified Neuro Development Nutritionist and in keeping with her own life, her business operates using very holistic philosophies. The Program is based on the science that the brain can change at any time and that the gastro-intestinal system plays a large role in improving brain function. It is also based on the foundation that children with learning difficulties are stuck in certain areas of their development and may have imature primitive reflexes. By analysing these reflexes, they can be used as a tool to implement a very effective intervention program. This allowing us to get to the root of their learning difficulty.

Leanne has extensive experience in:

BRAIN: ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ODD, ASD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Selective mutism, Language delay, Dyslexia, Social immaturity, Behavioral disorders and Thyroid imbalance.

IMMUNE: Digestive disorders, reflux, Colic, Allergies, Food sensitivities, Selective eating habits, Chronic fatigue, IBS and Autoimmune disorders including fibromyalgia, Lupus and MS.

About Brain Tree Learning Solutions

Brain Tree Learning Solutions is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Director, Leanne Girotto has been helping children with learning difficulties for the past 6 years and is founder of Brain Tree Learning Solutions established in 2011.

To date Brain Tree Learning Solutions has helped many children covering a wide range of diagnosis including ADD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism, Dyslexia, Anxiety Disorder, Aspergers and Learning difficulties. What all these children have had in common is Neuro Developmental Delay and some level of gut dysfunction.

When a child has a learning difficulty, the systems of today examine all sorts of angles – genetics, childhood experience, socio economic situation, IQ and psychological influences. However we also need to ask does the child have the equipment needed to succeed in an educational setting and is the digestive system functioning to support brain development. A learning difficulty is not always in the mind.

For a child to reach their full academic potential it is important that they have attained the skills of attention, balance and coordination and that these skills are firmly in place. If these foundation skills are present, the child will have a good sensory foundation for learning. If these foundation skills are missing, the child is more likely to have a learning or behavioural difficulty and is at high risk of suffering an anxiety disorder later on.

The BRAIN TREE PROGRAM objective is to give the brain a second chance to make neural connections through the movement patterns of early development. It is based on the theory that it is possible to replicate specific stages of development by repeating a movement pattern from early childhood. It aims to reastablish underdeveloped neural connections and reset the clock to the correct time to bring about maturity in development. It also aims to repair gut dysfunction to support brain development by understanding that the digestive system is our second brain. The holistic approach combining NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE and GUT THERAPY with MOVMENT and SOUND THERAPY to improve BRAIN and IMMUNE FUNCTION.


Individually Tailored Neuro Developmental Delay Intervention Program

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment of Neuro Developmental Delay
  • Primitive Reflex Inhibition Program (INPP)
  • Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (Sound Therapy)
  • Special Needs Tutoring (Dyslexia Specialist)
  • Learning Anxiety Counselling
  • Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation
  • Gut Repair Therapy
  • Lacto Fermentation Classes (Body Ecology Diet)