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Who Can We Help?

Children with Diagnosis of:

Attention deficit disorders ADD ADHD
Auditory processing disorder
Aspergers and Autism disorder
Twice exceptional ( gifted but also has a learning difficulty)
Selective mutism and language delay
Dyspraxia and related motor coordination difficulties

Children with Symptoms of:

Attention problems
Coordination problems
Difficulty learning to swim, ride a bike or tell the time
Inability to sit still
Maths and reading problems
Writing problems
Poor hand eye coordination
Disorganised and difficulty staying on task
Poor memory
Difficulty remembering and following instructions
Mixed laterality
Intelligent but not performing academically


If the problem persists to adulthood, the symptoms include agraphobia, excessive reaction to stimulii, anxiety, panic attacks, difficulty making decisions and poor self esteem. If you recognise and or are concerned about any of the listed areas then it is worth discussing them with a trained Neuro Developmental Therapist.


Individually Tailored Neuro Developmental Delay Intervention Program

Our services include:

Diagnostic Assessment of Neuro Developmental Delay
Primitive Reflex Inhibition Program (INPP)
Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (Sound Therapy)
Special Needs Tutoring (Dyslexia Specialist)
Learning Anxiety Counselling
Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation
Gut Repair Therapy
Lacto Fermentation Classes (Body Ecology Diet)